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With BIPA, not only will you learn Bahasa Indonesia, but you will also be involved in very stimulating extracurricular activities such as traditional music and dance, and batik painting.

These activities are held in the afternoon. In the traditional music class, you will learn both traditional songs in local dialects as well as popular songs in Bahasa Indonesia.

In the dance class, you will learn traditional dances from one region in Indonesia.

The activity in which participants show the most interest is batik painting, in which participants not only learn the principles of making this traditional fabric but also experience making batik from the start to finish through hands-on activities.

We can guarantee that whatever extracurricular activity you choose, it will be a very rewarding one. If one activity is not enough for you, you can take as many extracurricular activities as you wish to fulfill your interest in Indonesian culture. At the end of the semester, you will demonstrate your ability at BIPA’s graduation ceremony, in which everyone can be a witness to your success.

In order to make you familiar with daily life in Indonesian society, we also arrange exciting one-day visits to local areas. You will also have the opportunity to meet other foreign students in other exciting trips organized by UI International Office.

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