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Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Preparing to become an English teacher? Then this course is definitely for you. The purpose of this course is to give you the basics of teaching English as a foreign language. You will be exposed to the most recent techniques and methodology in language teaching as well as tips for self-development. It covers a multiplicity of topics, such as syllabus design, teaching methodology, teaching the four skills, making the most of textbooks, using games and songs in class, and language testing. We strongly advise you take this course before you become an English teacher.


Depok (Will be open anytime when the student have meet the minimum quota)


 32 hours

 Course Fee 



The following are programs for teachers who would like to pinpoint specific skills in teaching. Since these programs are not offered on regular basis, you can have the privilege to customize the content to suit your needs, should you want to have the training at your premises.

· Teaching Business English
· Teaching English at High School
· Teaching Writing
· Teaching English to Children
· Teaching TOEFL
· Teaching Conversation Class
· Teaching IELTS Speaking and Writing

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