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Regular Program

Regular Program

Held in Depok campus, the program can be taken in 16 weeks long, from January to April, May to August, and from September to December. Classes are 20 hours a week, Monday through Friday, from 08:30 a.m. to 13:00 p.m. During the course, BIPA organizes a one-day field trip, in which you can have the exciting opportunity of visiting “off-the-beaten paths” such as schools, TV stations, factories, jails, or governmental offices. If you are a beginner student, you will have the opportunity to practice using Bahasa Indonesia in a market setting. This is a very rewarding cultural exchange since you as a participant will be selling food, drinks, and traditional souvenirs from your native countries to Indonesian buyers and interact with them using Bahasa Indonesia.
There are three levels of Indonesian language course offered:
Levels Focus
Elementary (BIPA I) In this level, you will learn daily conversational skills, enhanced with cultural awareness to strengthen your communication skill in Bahasa Indonesia in various contexts. You will surely earn basic competence in using Bahasa Indonesia at the end of this level.
Intermediate (BIPA II) If you want to improve your speaking and writing competence, then BIPA II is the right program for you. You will achieve this competence through discussion, oral presentation, and descriptive writing. You will be introduced to a variety of important language functions, including commands, offers, refusals, and invitations.
Advanced (BIPA III) If you are looking forward to being involved in discussions and writing essays on various topics related to Indonesian society and culture, issues in Indonesian law, politics, and economy, then this is the right level for you. As an advanced learner, you will be introduced to informal and casual varieties of Bahasa Indonesia. You will be engaged in using interesting materials in the form of texts and videotapes. As evidence of your achievement, you will be required to submit reports at the end of the course.

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